Singing blows the dust off the soul

Singing blows the dust off the soul

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All songs (original compositions), with lyrics, music, arrangements and scoring by Eliam Floyd
Additional musicians:
Loni (Backing Vocals),
Frank Bolender-Grob (sax),
Rodrigo Mancebo (e-git).  Klick to connect

01 Clueless
02 All good spirits
03 What if
04 Amber or lime
05 Show me your face
06 Dragonfood
07 The properties obelisk
08 Everything in vain (male version)
09 Don’t drag
10 Save our souls
11 O’Connors No. 962
12 Follow the s_n
13 Everything in vain (female version)
14 La Fete

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Eliam Floyd is a thoroughbred musician with over 40 years of stage experience and live performances in large and small locations. At the age of 14 he founded his first band and has developed over time through music projects, choir work, bands, duos, solo engagements and some CD productions. Eliam Floyd is currently working on his debut album WATERPROOF, which is expected to be released in autumn 2021. He also works as a voice coach and teaches piano and guitar.

The voice

Anyone who hears Eliam Floyd is catapulted back into the 70s, ends up somewhere between Stevie Wonder and Genesis, returns via Billy Joel and Elton John and finally comes back to about Milow. One voice with many facets - sometimes gentle and empathetic but also with funk and soul, up to a real rock sound.

The music

Eliam Floyd has a simple recipe for his songs: Listen to the best music ever, it's the 70s and 80s. Get inspired and do your thing in today's sound. This is what his music productions sound like and this is how Eliam Floyd can be seen on stage. Always there: the love for soul and funk, with all of the heart.

The character

Description? No chance. Anyone who wants to get to know Eliam Floyd can only get involved with his music. In the studio - mega creative and a seemingly endless tinkerer and experimenter. In life - passionate lyricist and songwriter, family man and quite the best friend of his friends. A power pack on stage with a lot of humor and contagious joie de vivre (mostly at least).

(Release 2003)


Pop chorales in a new guise, sometimes jazzy, sometimes rock or as a ballad. Studio production with 3 musicians around the Composer Alexander Jacobi. With Eliam Floyd (electric bass and vocals). CD with 14 songs.

01 Befiehl du deine Wege Part I
02 Welch ein Freund …
03 What a friend …
04 Du bist mein guter Hirte
05 Gott ist gegenwärtig
06 Breathe on me
07 Wachet auf Präludium
08 Wachet auf
09 Die güldne Sonne
10 Take my hand
11 When the spirit …
12 Befiehl du deine Wege Part II
13 Der Mond ist aufgegangen

(Release 2008)


Ganz anders

Songs between heaven and earth. 12 original pop songs written and composed by Eliam Floyd and produced with his music partner Alexander Jacobi. With the duo TROSTBROT, Eliam Floyd was on the road from 2006 to 2013 in churches, town halls and prison halls all over Germany.

01 Der beste Weg
02 Liebe deinen Nächsten
03 Wie ein Baum
04 Lebenschance
05 Hab keine Angst mehr
06 Der Himmel ist zum greifen nah
07 Damals und heute
08 Ganz anders
09 Ich werde es sehen
10 Frag nicht die Sterne
+ 2 new Songs from ChoralTotal
11 Geh aus mein Herz
12 Schönster Herr Jesu



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